Dokdo Related Images and Video Galleries

These are some pictures me and those involved with this website have put together since it was created in 2008. We have visited Ulleungdo and Dokdo numerous times since. Below there are links to our other gallery pages. One links to the Ulleungdo Gallery page and the other to our video section.
Above left: An overall map of the Ulleungdo – Dokdo region showing distances to nearest Japanese and Korean landfalls. Above right: A map of Ulleungdo’s ancient sister island, Korea’s Dokdo.
Dokdo Images From Our Research Trips

Left: Tourists arrive at Dokdo’s East Island. Center: A view of Dokdo while aboard the ferry. Right: The cement pier on Dokdo’s East Island.

Left: The Hankyeorae Ferry running from Ulleungdo to Dokdo. Center: Dokdo’s West Island behind the dock. Right: The Dokdo ferry departing to Ulleungdo.

Left: An artist paints a picture. Center: A view of Dokdo’s Dock on the East Island. Right: Three Brothers Rock.

Left: Two seagulls perched on the rails leading to the Dokdo Police Base. Center: Sunset on Dokdo. Right: Dokdo’s East Island as seen from the peak of the West Island.

Left: Our guide, Mr Jin Seong climbs the stairs of Dokdo on the East Island. Center: Another picture from the top of the West Island. Right: Dokdo’s Candle Rock.

Left: Dokdo Residents Kim Seong Do and Kim Shin Yeol’s house at night. Center: Kim Seong Do prepares to fish as his wife looks on. Right: Sunset on Candle Rock.

Left: Webmaster Steven Barber, Web Designer Ryan Saley, and Guide Jin Seong. Center: The view from Kim Seong Do’s house on Dokdo’s West Islet. Right: From the top of Dokdo’s East Island.

Left: Dokdo Police Vessel docking on the East Island. Center: The residence on Dokdo’s West Island. Right: The many rock formations of Dokdo.

Left: Three Brothers and Candle Rocks. Center: Seagulls congregate on Dokdo’s West Island. Right: The Dokdo Police Guard Station on the East Island.

Left: The Dokdo residence on the West Island. Center: An emerald tidal pool on Dokdo. Right: The Dokdo Police Guard vessel mooring on the East Island.

Left: Dokdo’s grandmother, Kim Shin Yeol bids us farewell. Center: Dokdo’s West Island provides a backdrop to the Korean flag. Right: A view of Dokdo’s West Island from the Police Base. Note the tall staircase behind the house.

Left: Another image of the West Island. Center: The Dokdo Police Base on the East Island. Right: Dokdo’s East Island from the peak of the West Island taken at sunset.

Left: Dokdo’s East Island, Elephant Rock is located on the right side. Center: The numerous rock formations of Dokdo. Right: Dokdo Island has some caves located on the East Island.

Left: A close view of the Police Base. Center: Kim Seong Do on his inflatable boat. Sadly, Mr Kim passed away in 2018. Right: Mr Kim Seong Do’s residence surrounded by Dokdo’s blue water.

Left: Ryan Saley kneels next to a deep tidal pool on Dokdo’s East Island. Center: webmaster Steven Barber. Right: A fishing boat dry docked at Dokdo’s East Island.
Other Dokdo Related Galleries
Our Gallery of Korea’s Ulleungdo Island
Long regarded as Dokdo’s sister island, mysterious Ulleungdo has been called the Hawaii of the East Sea (Sea of Japan) Images of the most important geographical features of Ulleungdo are in this gallery.
Vidoes Related to the Dokdo – Takehsima Island Dispute
This is a collection of Youtube videos from various sources that support Korea’s ownership of Dokdo Island. Some are political and some contain video published by netizens who favor Japanese claim to Dokdo (Takeshima) Island.