Videos Related to the Dokdo – Takeshima Dispute
A Video of Dokdo Island as Seen From Korea’s Ulleungdo Island
Dokdo Island from Korea's Ulleungdo IslandAs the title suggests, the video below shows a view of Dokdo Island from the East side of Ulleungdo Island. It appears to have been taken from the inland mountain ranges between Dodong and Jeodong Harbors. For hundreds of years Dokdo Island visibility was known to Koreans who fished the waters around Ulleungdo and also those who inspected the region.

To the right is a photograph of Dokdo Island also as viewed from Korea’s Ulleungdo Island. It is said that Dokdo Island can be seen on average about three times per month from the East hills of Ulleungdo. Thus we know ancient Koreans who lived on Ulleungdo must have been cognizant and involved on the islets.

Because Youtube’s resolution is poor, this video is best viewed at least 720p HD. Simply click on the bottom right 480p default and adjust the setting. Hopefully, in the future we can stream the video directly through our website. The video can also be viewed directly at youtube here ( link )

The Dokdo Takeshima Dispute, Is the Island Japanese?
We created this video with a images of Japanese historical maps. Without a doubt Dokdo (Takeshima) was not a part of Japan long ago. We have also included some of the Japanese propaganda maps you can find on the internet and incorrect charts from Japanese schoolbooks

Takeshima Dokdo Island – Did Koreans know of Dokdo?
This is a short video of historical data and images that confirm Koreans were aware of Dokdo long before the arrival of Japanese to the region. Numerous photographs of Dokdo as seen from Ulleungd are compiled. These images were from a recent study by the Northeast Asia History Foundation.

A Bizarre Pro-Takeshima (Dokdo) Propaganda Video by Junior Chamber International, Japan
The offensive video below supports Japan’s claim to Takeshima (Dokdo) In the process JCI draws Japan’s neighbours as ugly, hostile characatures who angrily vent at Japan. Of course Japan is drawn as a benign, big eyed cutie and little pussy cats. The video supports Japan’s claim to Takeshima (Dokdo) on the false premise the islets were historically Japanese. From there JCI compares China, Russia, Korea and Taiwan to thieves and trespassers.

All this from and organization (JCI) whose mission is to promote international relations through empathy and understanding?

A Video of Dokdo Island, Touring 360 Degrees Around the Islets.
In August of 2010, staff visited Dokdo Island along with some researchers from the Northeast Asian History Foundation and Yoengnam University’s Dokdo Research Institute. It took some time to go all the way around the islets, so some parts were removed. Rather than listen to the dull drone of the ship’s motor, we added some Korean pop music.

In time, we will add some captions to read while viewing Dokdo (Takeshima) island. The video was taken from a Korean Police Vessel and not a standard tourist boat. Thus, these images are special. To view. simply click on the play icon on the video thumbnail to the right. Enjoy!!

A Video of Dokdo Island, From Her Sister Island Korea’s Ulleungdo
This video was filmed en route to Dokdo – Takeshima (Liancourt Rocks) from Korea’s Ulleungdo Island. The only way to reach Dokdo is through the most proximate island, Ulleungdo. It takes around one hour, however I suggest taking the slower ferry which is allows you to sit in the back and take in the scenery. Of course this is best in the summer.

This video was shot from the high speed Seaflower and we could only tape for a few minutes before the wind picked up due to the high speed. Later in the tape you can see some shots of Dokdo Island’s two islets. Korean pop music from Girl’s Generation, a popular group was added instead of listening to the terribly loud engine of the boat.

Touring (Fishing) Around Dokdo Takeshima on a Zodiac Inflatable
During a research trip to Dokdo Takeshima Island, resident fisherman Kim Seong Do woke us up early and gave us a once around tour of the islets. It was quite cold and the waters choppy as he troll fished around Dokdo in his Zodiak inflatable boat. Ryan Saley pulled out his digital camera and took this video that gives a view that few visitors experience.
Some Random Video Shorts of Dokdo (Takeshima) Island
Early at dawn on Dokdo Takeshima, we took some video clips of sunrise on the islets. Also included are some video shorts of areas few people ever get to see. This includes Dokdo’s East Islet’s peak with helipad and gun installation. Some areas such as communications facilities were omitted for security purposes.
Late May 2009, Korea Government Officials Inspect Dokdo Island
When the staff of visited Dokdo Island in the summer of 2009, we were fortunate enough to witness the arrival of Korean Government Officials who were inspecting the islets and the Dokdo Police Guards. Also we got the chance to take video all around Dokdo Takeshima. Near the end of this footage you will see a great shot of the docking facilities from the top of the East Islet.

Midway through the video we can hear the police guards sound off as they greet the politicians. After this meeting we interviewed Dokdo’s civilian resident Mr Kim Seong Do and one of his support staff. These videos are to be added as well in the near future.

Leaving Dokdo Island, A Last Look En Route to Ulleungdo
As a Canadian expat living in Korea whenever I visit this region I can’t help wondering if this will be “the last time” I ever come here. To my own surprise I always find a way back to Ulleungdo and Dokdo. So what better music to a good-bye video of Dokdo Island than the Rolling Stones 1965 classic, The Last Time?

Prior to the parting shot of Dokdo Takeshima Island you can see the Dokdo Police Guard’s Patrol Boats. Also a well-known Korean artist is painting some pictures of Dokdo Island on the East Islets stony beach. Enjoy the video and music. BTW, I do not, of course, own the rights to this music.

A Slideshow of Dokdo and Ulleungdo – Korea’s Mysterious, Ancient, Sister Islands
Those of us who have researched the Dokdo – Takeshima Island dispute for many years all understand the inseparability of Dokdo from her sister island Ulleungdo. This slideshow was created to show this relationship through various images.

You can see both recent images and historical photos of Dokdo Takeshima Island. Captions with a brief explanation are to be included. The haunting vocals of Korean singer Shim Su Bong are added highlighting the mysterious nature of these ancient sister islands.

A Youtube Video and Popular Misconceptions About the Dokdo -Takeshima Dispute
This Youtube video was a report and commentary related to the ongoing Dokdo problem. Although the real topic about the video was animal cruelty, there are both valid points made and misconceptions conveyed that should be addressed. The poster appears to be American and goes under the handle “Propaganda Buster”. Following this video is an explanation detailing what many Westerners need to understand about the heated Dokdo – Takeshima controversy.
A Commentary on the Above Video by Webmaster
The poster of this article seems to downplay the importance of Dokdo Takeshima by referring to the islets as “itty-bitty” However, despite Dokdo’s small size, it’s worthy to note Korea uses these islands as a basepoint from drawing her territorial limit. Any attack on these islands is rightfully perceived as a threat to the nation of Korea as a whole by the ROK. Japan also has a history of claiming huge areas of land around the smallest of islets. Thus “these itty bitty rocks” could translate into large areas of real estate to whichever nation possesses them. ( see this link )

It’s somewhat misleading Propaganda Buster states “the Koreans” were chopping off pheasants heads. He gives the viewer the impression these cruel demonstrators were somewhat representative of Koreans in general when in fact they were former ROK elite soldiers from Korea’s right-wing lunatic fringe. This would make one believe Koreans hate Japanese. In reality Koreans don’t hate Japanese people at all. Regarding the territorial issues, it’s the antiquated, expansionist policies of Japan’s MOFA and Shimane Prefecture that Koreans have come to despise. ( see link )

The news reporter states that Dokdo Takeshima is roughly equidistant from Korea and Japan, when in reality Dokdo island is only 87kms from Korean territory (Ulleungdo). Dokdo is almost twice as far away from the nearest Japanese territory at 157kms. In fact, Dokdo is visible from Korean territory. ( see link )

Other Related English Videos About the Dokdo Dispute Found on Youtube
The next videos about Dokdo are professionally made and seem to reflect the official stance of the South Korean government. The videos contain interesting footage of Dokdo and Ulleungdo Islands and have commentaries by University of Hawaii’s Professor of Law Mr Jon Van Dyke and Japan’s Mr Hosaka Yuji (see link) who have been outspoken in their support of Korea’s claim to Dokdo.
More Related English Videos About the Dokdo Dispute Found on Youtube
This video also appears to be the work of the Korean government. It is quite informative because it contains a more detailed summary of related historical records both Japanese and Korean. Many of these such as records such as Saito Hosen’s Report on Oki , The Shogunate’s Inquiry to Tottori (Shimane) , and The Meiji Government’s Inquiry About Ulleungdo and Other Island prove Korea’s ownership of Dokdo and can be seen on this website.