Images of Korea’s Ulleungdo Island

Historically regarded as Dokdo’s big sister island, Ulleungdo is known for her luxurious forests, bamboo and marine life. Ulleungdo is a very difficult island to navigate because of her mountainous terrain and lack of transportation. However, with the help of local residents Mr Kim Nam Hee and Mr Jin Seong, (Ulleungdo Mania Tour Agency) we were able to visit places that many tourists fail to see.
Above left: An overall map of the Ulleungdo – Dokdo region showing distances to nearest Japanese and Korean landfalls. Above right: A map of Dokdo’s ancient sister island, Korea’s Ulleungdo.
But First, a Historical Video of Ulleungdo from the 1960s
Before browsing the image gallery, watch this short documentary about Ulleungdo back in the 60s. Unfortunately I have no English translation of this video. Some of the same locations are shown for example Dodong Harbor, Jukdo Islet Gwaneumdo, and the Nari Basin. You can also see Ulleungdo’s Elephant (Hole) Rock. Life on Ulleungdo seems so peaceful and simple. Over the last few years I’ve seen dramatic changes on Ulleungdo. It seems Ulleungdo has lost some of its ‘mystery’ and has the appearance of a theme park. I’ve heard because of this Ulleungdo has some of the most expensive real estate prices in Korea.
Our Ulleung Island Gallery

Left: Dodong Harbor from the observation point. Center: Three Angels Rocks on Ulleungdo’s North shore. Right: Ddan Rock looking West to the sunset.

Left: Fishing boats in Jeodong Harbor. Center: Ferry boats in Dodong Harbor back in 2012. Right: Ulleungdo as seen from the peaks of Dokdo Island.

Left: Another picture of Ulleungdo as seen from Korea’s Dokdo. Center: The caves of Ulleungdo’s Gwaneumdo. Right: The North shore of Ulleungdo as seen from Seokpo Observation Point.

Left: Hwangto (red clay) caves on Ulleungdo. Center: Dae Poong Am on Ulleungdo’s Northwest shore. Right: The North shore as seen from Hyeon Po Harbor.

Left: Song Got Mountain on Ulleungdo’s North shore. Center: A fishing boat at the base of Song Got Mountain. Right: Squid fishing boats are docked at Jeodong Harbor on Ulleungdo’s East shore.

Left: Chotdae Rock at Jeodong Harbor. Center: Looking North from Jeodong we can see Buk Jeo Rock and Jukdo Island further away. Right: A spectacular view of Ulleungdo’s East shore from North of Dodong Harbor.

Left: Looking South from Jeodong. Center: Jukdo Island from Nae Su Jeon a little North of Jeodong. Right: The Nari Basin, a former volcano now has very rich soil and farms.

Left: Ryan Saley kneels at Hyang Mok Observation area on Ulluengdo’s Northwest peaks. Center: Sadong beach on Ulleungdo’s South shore. Right: Sadong Harbor during the earlier development phase. Much has changed since this photo!

Left: Sadong Harbor under construction at this time. Center: The view from Seokpo showing Gwaneumdo and further East is Jukdo Island. There is now a bridge linking Gwaneumdo to Ulleungdo. Right: Seokpo looking West the full length of Ulleungdo’s stunning North shore.

Left: Jukdo Island as seen from Ulleungdo’s East shore. Center: The North shore of Ulleungdo. Right: Tae Baek Mountains as seen from Ulleungdo’s West shore. (click image)

Left: Tae Ha Valley on Ulleungdo’s North side. Center: Three Angels Rocks. (Note Ajjuma Rock which is said to look like a mother holding a child. Right: Ulleungdo’s Three Brothers Mountains.

Left: Turtle Rock on Ulleungdo’s South shore. Center: Ulleungdo as seen from the ferry en route to Pohang 30kms away. Right: The same angle of Ulleungdo from 60kms away on a hazy fall day. Some historical records recorded seeing Ulleungdo from Korea.

Left: Friendly Ulleungdo fishermen greet us tourists as we pass. Center: A house at a traditional village at the Nari Basin. Right: Another house at Nari Basin with a traditional thatched roof.

Left: Ulleungdo’s North shore. (Note Elephant Rock, click image) Center: Ulleungdo’s beautiful blue waters. Right: Ulleungdo’s Northwestern shore. The waters seem to lose their azure color when the weather turns bad.

Left: Looking South toward Dodong Harbor’s narrow entrance. Center: Song Got Mountain towers over a fishing vessel. Right: The spiral staircase that leads to the top of Jukdo Island.
Other Dokdo – Related Visual Media
Our Dokdo Island Images Gallery
Years of online research and field trips have helped us gather images of Dokdo Island that are now used by various media outlets and private researchers. Also are images from Dokdo’s West Islet, an area we could only access through special permission from the Korean Government.(Click image.)
Vidoes Related to the Dokdo – Takehsima Island Dispute
This is a collection of Youtube videos from various sources that support Korea’s ownership of Dokdo Island. Some are political and some contain video published by netizens who favor Japanese claim to Dokdo (Takeshima) Island.(Click image.)
"..This gallery is a work in progress…!"
Those of us involved in this website visit both Ulleungdo and Dokdo frequently. Thus, we hope to update this gallery once in a while. Feel free to drop by and check us out and see what's new whenever you like! (webmaster Steven J. Barber)