Images of Korea’s Ulleungdo Island
Historically regarded as Dokdo's big sister island, Ulleungdo is known for her "luxurious" forests, bamboo and marine life. Ulleungdo is a very difficult island to navigate because of her mountainous terrain and lack of transportation. However, with the help of local residents Mr Kim Nam Hee and Mr Jin Seong, (Ulleungdo Mania Tour Agency) we were able to visit places that many tourists fail to see.
Korea's Ulleungdo Island
Above left: An overall map of the Ulleungdo – Dokdo region showing distances to nearest Japanese and Korean landfalls. Above right: A map of Dokdo's ancient sister island, Korea's Ulleungdo.

Ulleungdo Island's Dodong HarbourThe bustle of Ulleungdo Island's main port Dodong HarbourKorea's Ulleungdo as seen from Dokdo IslandKorea's Ulleungdo as seen from Dokdo IslandAn orange clay cave on Ulleungdo Island's North shoreHyangmok rock on Ulleungdo Island Song Got Mountain at Hyeon Po HarbourBoats at Ulleungdo Island's Jeodong HarbourJeodong Harbour in foreground with Buk Jeo Rock and Jukdo Island in the background to the NortheastLooking South at Jeodong Harbour on UlleungdoLooking directly North from Jeodong with Bukjeo Rock in foreground and Jukdo Islet behindA panoramic view of Ulleungdo Island's adjacent shore from Jukdo Islet Looking at Jukdo to the northeast from Naesujeon Beach on UlleungdoOn the South side of Ulleungdo is the rocky Sadong BeachSadong's new harbour and breakwater on Ulleungdo Island's southeast sideUlleungdo Island's Northeast point viewing Gwaneum Island and part of Jukdo Islet to the rightLooking West from Seokpo - Ddan Rock Elephant Rock Song Got and Hyangmok on UlleungdoSeom Mok to Jukdo Islet on Ulleungdo Song Got Mountain on the North side of Ulleungdo dwarfs a Korean fishing boatUlleungdo's North shore from the peaks near Taeha RiThree Angels Rocks tower on the Northeast tip of Ulleungdo Island's shoreLooking at Ulleungdo's East shore from about 1km East of Dodong HarbourThe treacherous cliffs of Jukdo Islet's West shore. (Note spiral cement staircase}.The sheer dropoff from Jukdo Islet's West bank means a smal cable car and a spiral cement staircase are needed to scale the rock face The former location of Japanese military watchtowers on Ulleungdo's Seokpo Ri's hillsLooking towards Korea from Ulleungdo's peaks at Taeha Village, you can see Korea's Taebaek Mountains on a clear eveningThe stream from Ulleungdo's mountains runs into Taeha RiTaeha's stream runs into the East Sea (Sea of Japan) from Ulleungdo's West coast.Turtle Rock on Ulleungdo's shore is quite massiveChosun Inspector Lee Gyu Won left his name and date etched on cliff on Ulleungdo's northwest shore in 1882 A beautiful sunset on Ulleungdo's North shore near Ddan team member Ryan Saley foolishly risks his life for this photo op on the treacherous cliffs near Hyangmok RockA persistent seagull cruises for handouts next to the boat whilst I tour Ulleungdo's shoreUlleungdo's North shore with No-In Bong and Elephant Rock in the backgroundWoman Rock is the form of a mother holding a child (Three Angel Rocks are adjacent)Impressive Elephant Rock off Ulleungdo's North shore dwarfs a nearby tour boat Friendly fishermen near Song Got Mountain greet our tour boatLooking South toward Dodong from somewhere near Jeodong HarbourEven from 60kms away, Ulleungdo Island towers over the East Sea (Sea of Japan)Three Brothers Mountain, seen here in the fall, may have been the origin of the name Sam Bong Do

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Those of us involved in this website visit both Ulleungdo and Dokdo frequently. Thus, we hope to update this gallery once in a while. Feel free to drop by and check us out and see what's new whenever you like! (webmaster Steven J. Barber)