Dokdo – Takeshima in the News

CNN News: DATE 2019/02/15 – Dokdo’s Last Resident: After the passing of her husband Kim Shin Yeol (81) is Dokdo’s only resident. We wish her the best and thank her for watching over Korea’s Easternmost Island. (Click image.)
Korea Times: DATE 2019/03/09 – Korea to conduct seabed exploration near Dokdo: South Korea plans on conducting surveys of the seabed near Dokdo in July or August. South Korea’s state-run Korea Institute of Ocean Science and Technology (KIOST) plans to collect samples from the ocean floor around Ulleungdo.(Click image.)
UPI.COM: DATE 2019/03/19 – Malaysian students defend Korean Dokdo claim: Malaysian students, who are taking Korean as a foreign language, listened to fellow classmates discuss Dokdo, also known as Takeshima in Japan. The students said, “Although [Dokdo] is Korean territory, Japan insists it belongs to them.” (Click image.)
National Geographic: DATE 2018/11/14 – Two Nations Dispute These Islands…
An in depth article about the Dokdo Island dispute between Japan and Korea. It explains the cultural importance of Dokdo to Koreans and has some nice photos as well. (Click image.)
Arirang News: DATE 2018/10/25 – October 25th Marks Korea’s Dokdo Day (Video) – October 25th is Korea’s Dokdo Day which celebrates the day Korea incorporated Dokdo as part of Uldo Country, (Ulleungdo) Various events will take place on this important day. (Click image.)
Korea Herald: DATE 2018/10/21 – Sole resident on Dokdo islets dies. – We have just recently heard long time Dokdo resident Kim Song Do passed away. We would like to send our condolences to his family. He was a very kind, friendly man who extended his hospitality to us when we visited his house on Dokdo. Thank you so much Mr Kim, we will miss you. (Click image.)
Korea Herald: DATE 2018/10/04 – Rising Sun Flag vs Dokdo Ship: Controversy Erupts Over Naval Festival: – Due to Japan’s militaristic past, some Korean government officials are demanding Japanese naval vessels flying the rising sun flag not enter Korean waters. (Click image.)
KBS World Radio: DATE 2018/10/15 – Diverse Events Set for October to Celebrate Month of Dokdo: To mark Korea’s Month of Dokdo, North Gyeongsan Province plans to host a variety of cultural events to promote awareness of Dokdo Island. October is Dokdo month to celebrate Korea’s incorporation of the island in the year 1900. (Click image.)
YONHAP NEWS: DATE 2018/08/27 – South Korea lodges protest against Japan’s renewed claim to Dokdo: Here we go again! South Korea lodged strong protests against Japan’s new white defense paper that stated Takeshima (Dokdo) is Japanese territory. (Click image.)
KOREA HERALD: DATE 2018/06/04 – Dokdo’s Official Land Price Rises: The land value of Korea’s Dokdo Island continues to rise every year according to North Gyeongsan (province) since the year 2000. (Click image.)
HANKYOREH NEWS: DATE 2018/01/28 – A Tokyo Exhibition Hall That Claims Dokdo is Japanese Land, Just Opened: A new exhibition hall promoting Japan’s claim to Dokdo (Takeshima) has opened in Tokyo. It also supports Japan’s claim to disputed islands with China. (Click image.)
HANKYOREH NEWS: DATE 2018/06/24 – Dokdo reveals itself to tourists 150 days a year: This article describes the difficulty tourists faced when trying to visit Dokdo. Almost 2 million Koreans have visited the islets since 2005. (Click image.)
Korea Herald: DATE 2018/07/10 – Koreas want to use flag showing Dokdo during 2018 Asian Games. North and South Korea have requested to use a flag showing Dokdo during the upcoming 2018 Asian Games. However the OCA prefers what the International Olympic Committee did at the Pyeong Chang Olympics earlier this year. (Click image.)
WASHINGTON POST: DATE 2018/04/17 – Why China, Japan and Korea fuss over tiny islands — 4 things to know: This insightful article gives some reasons why Korea, Japan, and China continue to fight over small islands in their waters (Click image.)
KOREABIZWIRE NEWS: DATE 2018/07/18 – Japanese High School History Curriculum Revision Intensifies Claim to Dokdo Islets: Japanese Highschool textbooks will be taught that Dokdo is part of Japanese territory as of 2019. This is three years ahead of schedule. (Click image.)
NEWSWEEK, 3/24/17 – Tensions in Asia Rise as Japan Protests South Korea Military Drills in Disputed Waters: Koreans are holding military drills near Dokdo Island and the Japanese are not happy about it. In fact they have lodged a formal complaint about it to the ROK Gov’t, calling the exercises “regrettable”. (click image.)