Images of Dokdo Island

Gallery One: Images of Korea's Dokdo Island
These are some pictures me and those involved with this website have put together since it was created in 2008. There are two galleries, the first is of Dokdo Island and further down can be seen pictures of Ulleungdo.
Above left: An overall map of the Ulleungdo – Dokdo region showing distances to nearest Japanese and Korean landfalls. Above right: A map of Ulleungdo's ancient sister island, Korea's Dokdo.
Images gathered over the last three years during’s research trips…

Korean tourists on Dokdo's East Island concrete landing dock 獨島 竹島Dokdo Island as seen from Hankyeorae Ferry 獨島 竹島Dokdo East Islet looking toward West Islet獨島 竹島 High Speed Hankyeorae Ferry taxi's into DokdoSea gulls hangin' out on Dokdo's rocks aka Liancourt Rocks獨島 竹島 From Dokdo East Islet looking at the West 獨島 竹島 Hankyeorae Ferry at Dokdo Island going to Ulleungdo獨島 竹島 An artist and photographers on DokdoHigh up on Dokdo's East Islet looking downSea level between Dokdo's East and West Islands獨島 竹島 Dokdo seagulls on top of the East IsletSunset on Dokdo Island 獨島 竹島 Webmaster Steven J. Barber in background, note beach to far right.Very dangerous stairs on Dokdo West Islet 獨島 竹島On top of Dokdo's West Islet looking at the East Islet (note beach below)Mr Jin Seong halfway up Dokdo's West Islet looking up 獨島 竹島獨島 竹島 From halfway up Dokdo's West Islet looking East獨島 竹島 Dokdo Takeshima sunrise Kim Seong Do's house on Dokdo Island at night 독도  たけしま 獨島 竹島Kim Shin Yeol and Dokdo support staff on Dokdo's West Islet pier 독도 たけしま 獨島 竹島Raising the zodiak onto dock at Dokdo's West Islet 독도 たけしま 獨島 竹島竹島 たけしま 獨島 독도 Sunrise on Dokdo's West Islet竹島 たけしま 獨島 독도 staff at Dokdo竹島 たけしま 獨島 독도 the view of Dokdo from Mr Kim Seong Do's window A view of an ROK military ship docking at Dokdo's East Islet 竹島 たけしま 獨島 독도A deep tidal pool at Dokdo 독도 獨島 竹島 たけしまROK gunboat docking at Dokdo  독도 獨島 竹島 たけしま독도 獨島 竹島 たけしま Kim Seong Do's House on Dokdo Island독도 獨島 竹島 たけしま Dokdo island's beach on East Islet독도 獨島 竹島 たけしま Rock formations on Dokdo Island's East Islet Approaching Dokdo between East and West Islets 獨島 竹島A boat near Dokdo's East's member Ryan Saley and Hankyeorae Ferry 獨島 竹島Dokdo's Hole Rock as seen from the East Islet  liancourt 독도 たけしまDokdo guard, Ryan Saley and Mr Jin Seong on Dokdo, liancourt 독도 たけしま webmaster Steven J. Barber beneath Dokdo's watchtower webmaster Steven J. Barber and Dokdo Police Commanding OfficerA rock formation on Dokdo Island  liancourt 독도 たけしまSeagulls nesting on Dokdo's West Islet  liancourt 독도 たけしまDokdo Island support team, Ryan Saley and Mr Jin Seong at Dokdo 독도 たけしまDokdo watchtower as seen from the top of West Islet 독도 たけしまKim Seong Do's fishing boat on Dokdo's West Island 독도 たけしま Dokdo residents Kim Seong Do and wife's house 竹島 たけしま 獨島 독도竹島 たけしま 獨島 독도 Kim Seong Do's house on DokdoDokdo Island's shore and tidal pool 竹島 たけしま 獨島 독도Dokdo Island's shore with black rock formations 竹島 たけしま 獨島 독도Aquamarine coloured tidal pool on Dokdo 竹島 たけしま 獨島 독도Dokdo Island seaweed covered tidal flat 竹島 たけしま 獨島 독도 竹島 たけしま 獨島 독도 team member Ryan Saley at Dokdofamous Korean artist painting on Dokdo Island 竹島 たけしま 獨島 독도famous Korean artist on Dokdo 독도 獨島 竹島  たけしまkorean gunboat docking at Dokdo Island 독도 獨島 竹島  たけしまDokdo's West Island from West Island's helipad 독도 獨島 竹島  たけしまWest Island of Dokdo from the top of the East Islet 독도 獨島 竹島  たけしま 독도 獨島 竹島  たけしま Watchtower on Dokdo IslandDokdo watchtower on East Islet 독도 獨島 竹島  たけしまThe sapphire waters of Dokdo Island and West IslandThe watchtower on Dokdo's East Islet 竹島 たけしま 獨島 독도This photo shows the cable used to bring supplies to the Dokdo policeDokdo's East Islet in the evening 竹島 たけしま 獨島 독도 竹島 たけしま 獨島 독도 The Korean flag flies over Dokdo's East Islet with the West Islet in the backgroundDokdo East Islet from the top of the West Islet'Dokdo's grandmother' Kim Shin Yeol waves goodbye to staff 竹島 たけしま 獨島 독도 Long-time Dokdo resident Kim Seong Do on Zodiak 竹島 たけしま 獨島 독도竹島 たけしま 獨島 독도 Korean flag on DokdoKorean flag on Dokdo 2 竹島 たけしま 獨島 독도 Dokdo Police Guards off-duty 竹島 たけしま 獨島 독도竹島 たけしま 獨島 독도 ROK gunboat arrives at DokdoDokdo's West Island showing numerous rocky beaches 竹島 たけしま 獨島 독도독도 獨島 竹島 たけしま Seagulls on Dokdo독도 獨島 竹島 たけしま Dokdo Police BoatsLeaving Dokdo en route to Ulleungdo 독도 獨島 竹島 たけしま 독도 獨島 竹島 たけしま Leaving Dokdo en route to Ulleungdo 2Leaving Dokdo en route to Ulleungdo  3독도 獨島 竹島 たけしまBeneath Dokdo East Islet watchtower 독도 獨島 竹島 たけしまEast Island of Dokdo 독도 獨島 竹島 たけしまBelow East Islet 2 독도 獨島 竹島 たけしまCave on Dokdo's East Islet 독도 獨島 竹島 たけしま 독도 獨島 竹島 たけしまThe West side of Dokdo 독도 獨島 竹島 たけしまHole Rock, seagulls, a fishing boat and Dokdo's East IsletDokdo's West Islet in foreground with Hole Rock and East Islet behind 독도 獨島 竹島 たけしま독도 獨島 竹島 たけしま Dokdo's East IsletA seagull and Dokdo's East Islet caves 독도 獨島 竹島 たけしま

"..This gallery is a work in progress…!"
Those of us involved in this website visit both Ulleungdo and Dokdo frequently. Thus, we hope to update this gallery once in a while. Feel free to drop by and check us out and see what's new whenever you like! (webmaster Steven J. Barber)