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A message from webmaster, Steven J. Barber.
In 2006, I began my research on a centuries old territorial dispute between Korea and Japan. along the way I decided to gather images of historical maps and records to ensure Korea’s side of the story would never be lost online. I decided to visit Dokdo and Ulleungdo repeatedly. Two years later was created.
Since 2008 this website has been supporting Korea’s claim to precious island Dokdo. However, we could really use your donations for translation updates, web-domain hosting, security, https certification, future web design upgrades and all of the many costs of maintaining three websites. Although supports Korea’s claim to Dokdo we are an Non-Government Organization. Right: March 14, 2008 article from the Korea Herald. (click image to view larger)
Some media reports about this website from the last 10 years.

Above Left: Webmaster Steven J Barber in Seoul from a 2008 newspaper article about this website. Above Right: Steven J Barber on Dokdo with Dokdo residents Kim Seong Do and Kim Shin Yeol in an article from the Northeast Asia History Foundation.(click image to view larger)

Our statistics say more and more people read this website for Dokdo information than ever. Unlike many Dokdo or Takeshima websites, we are a private, Non Government website. This independent website takes a lot of time, money and effort to produce. But we do it because we believe Dokdo is undeniably Korean. If you believe Dokdo is an inherent part of Korea, you can help by donating!
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